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TIRF launches the Alcohol Interlock Curriculum for Practitioners Website

The Traffic Injury Research Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of the Alcohol Interlock Curriculum for Practitioners (AICP) website, an educational resource for diverse audiences. Information relating to the following topics can be found at this site:

  • international research;
  • alcohol interlock technology;
  • information about the implementation of alcohol interlocks as part of a program to control and monitor impaired driving offenders;
  • legal concerns about the use of alcohol interlocks; and,
  • information about contracting with vendors and service providers.

The curriculum is structured in two parts. The first part contains general information about alcohol interlocks and is available to the public. The second part is targeted towards registered users who wish to deliver education and training about alcohol interlocks to staff, organizations, or the membership of an association.

Each module is structured in a question/answer format to enable instructors to select relevant content from each module and develop handouts and presentations that are tailored to the needs and interests of a specific audience. The instructor materials section of the website enables registered instructors to access:

  • more comprehensive information about a broader range of topics;
  • tailored presentations and handouts for students;
  • instructional aids including a 19 minute video, pictures of devices, examples of reports, and other visual aids;
  • checklists to guide implementation efforts checklists to guide working with vendors and service providers;
  • ample forms, templates, protocols and policies; glossaries and references; and,
  • links to a wide variety of other resources.

Electronic access to the special instructor materials for this curriculum is available by registering to obtain a username and password.

This curriculum was developed with input from researchers and experienced practitioners, representatives of several national criminal justice organizations, treatment professionals, and licensing agencies.

The Alcohol Interlock Curriculum was created by the Traffic Injury Research Foundation under funding from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Alcohol Countermeasure Systems Corp. (ACS), Smart Start Inc., and Dräger Safety.

To learn more about the AICP, visit www.aic.tirf.ca.

Click here to learn more about the project.

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